Beige and gold colors of walls

The yellow-orange color is rich and bright. It inspires, rise mood and turns life into a bright picture. This shade becomes popular when creating a new interior. The best way to implement a yellow-orange shade in interior design is to use it as an accent on the wall.

The yellow-orange color easily coincides with warm colors. That is why you can often see it together with red color. This alliance creates a cozy atmosphere in every room.

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

Silky-matt latex interior paint

Shades of green color give the feeling of calm and energy at the same time. They symbolize new beginnings and add power to perform them. Besides green color normalizes blood pressure and even can heal sight. A combination of green and yellow-orange shades allows creating in general energetic atmosphere. There will be warm in such an interior even in winter. The thing is that green, red and yellow-orange colors symbolize warm and sunny days. 


Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

NCS S 1030-Y20R

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 3560-Y90R

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 2005-B80G

Silk Touch 7



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