Purple, yellow-orange and yellow

Violet as a color is soft and calm. Pure violet color is better to use as an accent. If you want to create a modern interior you should take into account a wide range of shades of this color. 

Violet refers to dark colors, and it's better to combine it with light shades. This color is a find for any interior. Violet makes the interior more impressive and helps to open it with elegant edges. 

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

Silky-matt latex interior paint

Violet, yellow-orange and yellow colors are harmonically combined together. They make the interior more cozy and lively. Warm colors create a unique atmosphere and violet color adds to the interior elegance. 

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

NCS S 1030-R60B

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 1020-Y20R

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 0570-Y

Silk Touch 7



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