Blue and green on the walls

Designers like to work with fashion colors to create a functional and attractive interior. One of the main colors, which is used very often is dark blue.  If you want to create an environment, which will chill out and stimulate your brain activity, have a look at the dark blue color.

Dark blue can be an intensive color if you use it in the main part of the room. Darker shades of dark blue are default attractive but they shall be used in the correct way. Too much dark blue in the room can make the room darker and smaller than it actually is. When it is time to decide how to use dark blue in your house or at the working place you will find many creative ways to insert this beautiful and playful color in accessories, furniture, pieces of art, and decoration of walls and windows. So, have fun and free your creativity.

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

Silky-matt latex interior paint

The green color is a color of life, nature and energy. It associates with growth, harmony, freshness and safety. Green helps create a calm and relaxing interior, which attracts your coming back. Designers use green together with other calm shades to create restoring effect.

Design a living room, a bedroom or a kitchen in green shades and you will feel comfier there.

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

NCS S 0530-R90B

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 2010-B90G

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 3020-R80B

Silk Touch 7



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