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acrylic decorative enamel

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Decorative acrylic enamels are ideal for decorative coating of walls, ceilings, window frames, doors, furniture, forging, elements of décor (skirting, molding, plastering and others) and artistic coating of various surfaces. It allows the implementation of interesting and non-standard decisions in the decorative finishing of interiors, creating at the same time a reliable protective coating. 

Sphere of application

Decorative acrylic enamel is intended for interior and exterior works.

It is intended for coating such surfaces:

  • wood;
  • primed metal;
  • foam-polystyrene;
  • mineral surface (concrete, brick, plaster);
  • surfaces, previously coated with alkyd enamels.


  • bright and saturated colors;
  • wide color range;
  • different colors can be easily mixed;
  • high weather resistance and durability;
  • high resistance to mechanic load, abrasion and washing with detergents;
  • perfect adhesion;
  • vapor permeability;
  • no odor;
  • quick drying.


Usually, manufacturers offer basic colors (silver, gold, copper, bronze, graphite and others) However you can use pigment concentrates to change shades and mix the colors between. 

You can buy decorative acrylic enamel for an affordable price and delivery all over Ukraine.