Quartz primer

Quartz primer

Adhesive primer with quartz extender

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Quartz primer is a special product, which is applied on the wall before applying decorative plasters. Quartz primer creates a hard coat on such surfaces as concrete, plaster, putty, gypsum and alike. 

Types of Quartz primer

Quartz primer can be of various types:

  • usual Quartz primer is used for plasters like "Lamb" and "Bark beetle"
  • fine-grained Quartz primer is intended for thin-layered decorative coatings.


Adhesive primer with quartz filler are applied with a brush (a ceiling brush) or a roller. As usual, walls, a ceiling or a façade are treated with one coat of the primer but if the primer is very absorbed in the surface, we recommend to apply one more coat.

Advantages to use quartz primer

Quarz primer prevents peeling of a plaster. It has no toxic components in its content, that is why it can be used for interior and exterior works. 

Quartz primer also can:

  • improve adhesion;
  • fill in defects on the surface and cracks;
  • make the applying and texturing of decorative coatings easier.


A primer with quiartz filler is manufactured in white color. The primer is necessary to tint in the color of decorative plaster to prevent leaks. You can do it with pigment pastes. If your finishing coating of white color, then there is no need to tint quartz primer.

We can buy quartz primer for decorative plaster for affordable price and delivery all over Ukraine.

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