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Farbex color

Water-based pigment concentrate

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Waterborne pigment concentrate (pigment) is used to add a required color to the paints, enamels, varnishes, plasters, lime and other materials for surface treatment indoors and outdoors. Pigments allow for achieving a wide color range.


  • high pigment concentration;
  • a wide color range;
  • lightfastness (not all colors);
  • brightness and saturation of tints;
  • pigments are easy to be mixed.

Kinds of pigments according to their composition

A pigment for the paint is manufactured as a concentrated solution or a paste-like substance. Change the color of the paint by adding a pigment. Generally, there are two kinds of pigments:

  • organic;
  • non-organic.

How to tint a paint

Manual tinting the paint is an easy process from one side and the other side has some peculiarities.

Steps for manual tinting:

  1. Adding the pigment;
  2. Stirring;
  3. Test applying.

In real life it looks like this: add some pigment into the paint, thoroughly stir till a homogeneous color and after that apply some paint on the surface for testing. If after drying you don't like the color, then add some more pigment, thoroughly stir and apply the paint for testing again. Continue the process until the result satisfies you.

How to tint a decorative coating

Tinting of decorative coatings has no differences from tinting the paint and follows the same steps:

  1. Adding the pigment;
  2. Stirring;
  3. Test applying.

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