Decorative plaster "sand"

Decorative plaster "sand"

A "sand" plaster is a common name for decorative coating with quartz sand and nacre Duna TM Maxima-decor. It is easy to guess that the name for this plaster is based on its basic component - quartz sand. Other brands have the same product titled like "persia" or "sahara".

However, there is one more coating, which can create a resembling effect on the walls. This decorative coating with glass microspheres and nacre is called Galaxy TM Maxima-decor.

These kinds of plaster have a rough texture and look like real sand. It helps them create the effect of "sand dunes".

It is difficult to determine when decorative plaster "sand" appeared in the market. However, there is an opinion that this variant of finishing appeared as a result of the popularity of nature themes in design. It is not a surprise, that plaster "sand" looks soft and natural. It adds volume and depth to the walls, creating a calm atmosphere and harmony with nature. This product is a perfect option for those, who seek original and unusual decisions for premies' decoration.




Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl


Decorative coating with pearl and glass microspheres

Farbex color

Water-based pigment concentrate

Decorative coating Duna Maxima Decor

Decorative coating Duna is an alternative option to wallpapers and classic coating of the walls. You can apply it indoors on mineral surfaces: cement and lime-cement plasters, stucco, gypsum, brick and concrete.

The presence of quartz sand and nacre in the product's content allows creating a relief texture with a glittering effect. The glittering effect attracts the eye and makes you wish to touch the surface.

Декоративна штукатурка «пісок»

1 kg  Duna Maxima Decor

3 kg Duna Maxima Decor

5 kg Duna Maxima Decor

up to 5 m2

up to 15 m2

up to 25 m2

We offer coating Duna in basic silver color but it can be tinted with a tinting machine or manually with pigment concentrate Farbex Color or other water-based pastes.

Duna is a good material for living and commercial premises (an office, a hotel, a restaurant, a beauty salon, etc.) It is the perfect decorative coating for a living room, a study, a corridor, a hall or a sleeping room.

Traditionally decorative coatings are used to decorate walls, pillars or arches but they also look very spectacular on the ceiling. When sunlight or artificial light gets to the surface of the decorative coating nacre particles start shining softly and the ceiling turns into a shining seamless dome.

Generally, decorative coating Duna can be implemented almost into every interior design style. But most naturally this decor will be found in modern, eclectic, boho, Scandinavian style and loft.

If we talk about modern, Duna gives shine and texture to modern interiors. Decorative coating with dark and saturated tones creates a typical loft atmosphere and light tones are well combined in the Scandinavian style. An unusual decision will be the use of Duna in boho or eclectic styles. 

Galaxy Maxima Decor decorative coating

Декоративна штукатурка «пісок»

Decorative coating Galaxy is offered in a basic silver color. We recommend tinting the priming paint coating instead of decorative coating.

The consumption rate of the coating is 0,17 kg / m2 - 0,2 kg / m2 depending on the application technique.

1 kg  Galaxy  Maxima Decor

3 kg Galaxy Maxima Decor

5 kg Galaxy Maxima Decor

up to 6 m2

up to 18 m2

up to 30 m2

Galaxy is good for a baby room, a bedroom, a living room, a hall and a corridor. Moroccan and Oriental styles are the best way to reveal the beauty of this coating. it is also a brave decision to integrate this material into the interior in the Art-deco and eclectics.

Advantages and disadvantages of decorative plaster "sand"


  • Durability. Decorative coating Duna keeps its attractive look for a long time. Such a renovation removes the question about the premises' decoration for a long period.
  • Vapor permeability.
  • A wide color rate.
  • Easy-to-apply. Even someone who hasn't worked with decorative products can work with Duna and Galaxy.
  • Seamless technique of application.
  • Play of color depending on the light and shadows.
  • Affordable price.


  • Duna and Galaxy demand a smooth surface.
  • it doesn't suit the premises with the constant moisture effect. Generally decorative coating can be washed even with a wet sponge but constant soaking can ruin the aesthetic look.

How to create the effect of "sand dunes"

Creating the effect of "sandy dunes" demands several brushes at hand. The most comfortable tool for application is a ceiling brush, due to its natural nap and large working area. The quartz filler will spread on the tool and evenly cover the surface. Use a brush with the artificial nap to form a texture. Direction and change of movements allow creating not only sandy dunes but also various effects like diagonals, marine foam, a burst or a waterfall. 

Декоративна штукатурка «пісок»

Usually decorative coating "Sand" is applied in a single coat but if you want to receive a more complicated and dimensional pattern, you may apply more coats.

Concerning the color, classic options are shades of yellow but various styles allow experimenting with color decisions in the interior.

The actual color offer of decorative coating with quartz sand and nacre Duna find here.

Декоративна штукатурка «пісок»
  • 18.03.2024