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A primer for walls is intended for priming all kinds of mineral surfaces before applying mineral and acrylic plasters, paints, setting the wallpapers, slate, parquet when carriing up interior and exterior works.  

Pequliarities of the primer for walls

  • It hardens the surface;
  • It improves adhesion of the coating with the surface;
  • It lessens consumption of materials;
  • It makes absorbing ability of the surface even;
  • It increases the exploitation period of finish coating.

In general, when you choose a primer for wallpapers and any other kind of finishing coating, first and foremost it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of exploitation and type of base surface. 

It is an ideal option to use waterborne paints for interior works. They don't cause allergic reactions and don’t contain harmful substances. Mineral, old concrete and wooden surfaces demand priming with deep penetration and hardening effect. For gypsum boards and concrete you need a solution for poor absorbing surfaces. Always pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendation, which is stated on the label of every product.

What you shall know, when you work with a concentrated primer

If you decide to buy a concentrated primer instead of a usual one to carry up work in the whole house, determine the walls' conditions in all premises. 

  • For hard walls, smooth surfaces corrected with the plaster, the primer is diluted till weak concentrated solution, just to dust off the surface and increase adhesion.
  • Walls that crumble and leave saturated chalked traces are primed with a concentrated product or minimally diluted with water.
  • In wet premises or outdoors for initial wall treatment, use a highly concentrated primer.
  • The product is diluted only with clear water, not "by eye" but strictly according to volumes. If you doubt about the solution, dilute the product with less quantity of water. 
  • Check the condition of the surface after the primer dries. Run the hand touching along the surface, if the palm is clear, then there is enough of primer. 

When you work with the primer, be attentive to diluting the product, check the surface condition, and calculate consumption, keeping in mind that you shall dust off after each treatment. The main information is enough for successful work with the concentrated primer.

Apply the primer with a brush or a roller in the most convenient way for you.

You can buy the primer for an affordable price in our webshop with delivery all over Ukraine. You can also ask our specialist and receive free consultations.

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