The question is: wallpaper or paint?

The question is: wallpaper or paint?

"Wallpaper or paint?" is the question, which comes to the mind of practically everyone, who has ever made a renovation. Planning a renovation everyone wants the flat will be beautiful and look nice. We also try to find practical and long-lasting materials for walls and don't come back to renovating as long as possible. That is why the most popular options are paint and wallpaper.

We will share all pros and cons of these two coatings in this article. Only considering all advantages and disadvantages will help you make the right choice.

There are many kinds of wallpapers depending on the material and specific features. They can be made of paper, acryl, interlining, and velour. They can be intended for further painting or be like a full-size picture. So, you shall choose the features of your wallpaper in advance. For example, vinyl and interlining wallpapers are washable and a paper one is not. Interlining and wallpaper for painting can be coated and a paper one can be not.

The option for wallpaper can be an interior paint. There are also several kinds of interior paints. Film-forming substance modified with latex becomes washable and you shall not be warry about it can get dirty.

The paint can differ according to the gloss degree:

  • matt;
  • silky matt;
  • semi-matt;
  • semi-gloss.

Lets' talk about all steps you have to do in different situations. We shall dwell on three options, which are the most frequent during the renovation process concerning the surfaces of the walls:

  • bare walls;
  • previously glued wallpapers;
  • previously applied coatings.

Silk Touch 3

Matt latex interior paint

Silk Touch 7

Silky-matt latex interior paint

Silk Touch 20

Semi-matt latex interior paint

Silk Touch 40

Semi-glossy latex interior paint

New (bare) walls

If your walls are bare, then all steps of work will be the same for both products:

  1. Levelling of the walls
  2. Undercoating
  3. Applying of finishing coating

Levelling of walls for coating will differ from levelling walls for wallpapers. The walls shall be levelling perfectly for paint application as the paint can emphasize all uneven spots. The wallpapers can hide small defects of the surface, thus there is no need to level the surface perfectly.

Undercoating is the same for all types of products.

Application of paint and glueing of the wallpapers differ in the difficulty of application. Coating the wall with paint is easy even alone, so one person manages this wark easily without any help. Glueing of wallpaper is more difficult. The thing is that it is necessary to apply the glue on the wallpaper and on the wall simultaneously, in order to prevent its drying and then you have to glue the wallpaper in a proper way and if you have a pattern on the wallpaper, the application is much more difficult. When you come to the corner, you have the most problematic place for glueing. Who's ever tried it, knows what is going on. The corners are usually not ideal, so you have to cut the wallpaper in many places before it sticks to the wall somehow. But after drying they can come off and it spoils the whole look.

The walls with wallpapers

If you have wallpapers on the walls and decide to renew the premise, then you shall decide what shall it be paint or wallpaper from the very beginning before removing old wallpaper from the walls. You can do it alone but it takes you much time. Taking off the wallpapers is not easy as it can look from the first veiw. Sometimes they stick to the surface very firmly and removing them is almost impossible. That is why it is good to wet the wallpapers and remove them with a spatula.

Subsequent works will differ. If you want to glue the wallpaper, you shall just glue the wallpaper with all difficulties described above. If you want to apply paint, then you have to finish the surface of the walls perfectly, undercoat them and then apply paint. As we mentioned applying paint is an easy and quick process,

We shall admit, that the process of gluing of the wallpaper just looks easy at first glance. If you have a look and think it over, you understand that the coating of the walls with paint is more profitable and economic. Why? Let's discuss it further.

Walls coated with interior paint

This is the easiest and the most simple option. If you decide to glue the wallpapers, then just take and glue them. If you decide to paint - take and paint. There is no need for complicated preparations. You need just to remove dust and dirt from the walls.

And now let's return to the question: why is interior paint more profitable than wallpaper in the long-term perspective? Each time you decide to change your wallpaper, you have to remove the old ones. You can have great pain removing them. But the worst option is when you remove them together with the coat of finishing plaster underneath. In this case, you will have to apply a finishing coat of plaster and flatter the surface again. In its turn, finishing preparation before paint application is a difficult process but you have to do in once ant after than you coat the walls again and again easily even every month.

The durability of these two coatings is absolutely different. Wallpapers will serve you 5-6 years but if it is a children room the term can be shortened to 2 years. Renovation of the damaged part of the wallpaper is very difficult and almost impossible.

The life period of paint coating is more than 10 years. All defected areas or child's drawings are easy to overcoat and let the child creates new masterpieces.

It's high time to make conclusions and the best way to do it is to name all profits and drawbacks.

Profits of wallpaper:

  1. Varied design
  2. It hides small defects on walls

Profits of interior paints:

  1. A great number of colors (it can be tinted in more than 1900 shades)
  2. It is easy to apply
  3. it is resistant to washing
  4. You need one man for coating

Drawbacks of wallpaper

  1. It is not durable
  2. The process of application is complicated
  3. It is not resistant to water impact
  4. It is difficult to renovate it

Drawbacks of paint:

  1. It is important to prepare the walls in a perfect way before applying paint but it will turn into advantage later on.

When you get tired of color on the walls and want some new trending shades, you will understand that paint is the very right choice.

  • 08.11.2021