Neutral, orange and yellow-green shades

Neutral colors are always popular among designers. 

White color looks best in small premises as it vividly enlarges space. That is why this color is a perfect background for color accents in the room.

Black color is a color of elegance and sophistication. It absorbs all colors of the interior, that is why use it very carefully. You shouldn't use too much black color in small rooms, because it visually makes the space smaller. The interior with black color fits restrained people.

Grey color combines with any other shade. This color expresses stability and restraint. It will be stylish and emphasize the individuality of the owner in combination with black, red and white.

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

Silky-matt latex interior paint

One of the most positive decisions in the interior is to use yellow and green shades. They remind you of summer, warm weather and fresh plants. These shades help release tiredness after an intensive working day, relax and regain energy. They make your room looks fresh, which provides you good mood. 

Orange is a cheerful color. Such decor is a choice of active people. Much orange color can occur emotional tiredness, so it is better to use it as an accent shade. Orange can be combined with many shades. For example, combination of orange and black can be very attractive. Actually, in this combination, the dominant color must be orange and black is used in the furniture and elements of decor.

Silk Touch 7
Silk Touch 7

NCS S 4502-B

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 4010-Y50R

Silk Touch 7

NCS S 1030-G90Y

Silk Touch 7



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