Orange, red and yellow-green

Romantic red shines with passion and sensuality and is able to add to every room various atmospheres, which you can only imagine. A wide range of red shades makes this color universal.

The most popular choice is to apply terrific accents on the walls, which draw your attention in a moderate way, just enough to alive the appearance of the room. If you want really feel the effect of red walls, then try to embody them in a tiny room. The brave mood of the walls immediately adds to this tiny room exciting and active atmosphere.


Silk Touch 40
Silk Touch 40

Semi-glossy latex interior paint

Orange is a combination of two basic colors, precisely red and yellow.

The power of warm shades draws attention to orange, but this is not the only attractivity of this color. It has a wide range of shades, tints and tones, that make this color perfectly fits living premises.

Orange combines the cheeky and flirtatious charm of red and the sunny, cheerful side of yellow. Depending on the way you've balanced all colors in the room, It can be joyful for modern interiors and also calm for traditional ones. 

The yellow-green interior is for those, who like warm, sunny summer. Yellow enlarges the space and green symbolizes life, that's why it adds energy even on the gloomiest day. 


Silk Touch 40
Silk Touch 40

NCS S 3030-Y80R

Silk Touch 40

NCS S 3020-Y60R

Silk Touch 40

NCS S 4010-G30Y

Silk Touch 40



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