Decorative stucco Maxima-decor

Decorative stucco

Decorative stucco is designed to create unique textures that imitate stone, concrete, velvet and marble.

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Decorative stucco Maxima-decor
Interior paints Maxima-decor

Interior paints

The high-quality interior paints of the Silk Touch series have an excellent covering ability and the highest class of resistance to washing.

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Interior paints Maxima-decor

Decorative coatings Maxima-decor

Our popular products

We sell decorative plasters, interior latex paints, as well as related materials and tools. For a quick purchase, we have collected some of the most popular plasters and interior paints.

Our advantages

We try to simplify your work and take on the solution of logistics and other related tasks.

Free Shipping

If necessary, we deliver our decorative plasters and paints directly to the building site.


We test all our products and constantly monitor quality stability.


All our paints and plasters are tinted both by machine and by hand directly.