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Decorative coatings

Decorative coatings are intended for wall decoration. You can create unique surfaces with the help of coatings, which imitate stone, concrete, v...

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Декоративна штукатурка


Wax for decorative plasters is a special product, which is the last touch for creating a complete picture and is made on the basis of natural be...

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Quartz primer

Quartz primer is a special product, which is applied on the wall before applying decorative plasters. Quartz primer creates a hard coat on such ...

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An interior latex paint is one of the most popular finishing products. And it is not a surprise as precisely it helps to achieve impressive effe...

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Латексна фарба

Primer for walls

A primer for walls is intended for priming all kinds of mineral surfaces before applying mineral and acrylic plasters, paints, setting the wallp...

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Ґрунтовка для стін


Putty for wood is an important element in the process of wall renovation and allows creating a homogeneous and smooth surface, which is ideal fo...

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Waterborne pigment concentrate (pigment) is used to add a required color to the paints, enamels, varnishes, plasters, lime and other materials f...

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Decorative enamel

Decorative acrylic enamels are ideal for decorative coating of walls, ceilings, window frames, doors, furniture, forging, elements of déc...

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Декоративна емаль

Painting tool

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Малярний інструмент