Orange, red and green color in bedroom

The orange on the walls in a bedroom is rich and at the same time warm, which raises feelings of challenging travels in a desert and the freshness of the autumn morning. Orange perfectly combines with warm, cold and neutral colors. Orange color in a bedroom changes its individuality depending on the other colors in the space, from bright and lively to modest and retrained. 

If you don't like a neutral palette, change the appearance and make bright orange dramatic, emphasize with it black, white or navy colors. 

Silk Touch 3
Silk Touch 3

Matt latex interior paint

Pale shades of red and green colors make the base for modern schemes in the interior. The choice of red and green in a bedroom is a smooth and excitingly warm composition.

Red is a very intensive additional color, which symbolizes love and prosperity. In European countries, the red color on the walls was a color of nobles for a long time.

One thing can be said for sure is that red color is definitely lively and those, who use it, refer to brave and full of passion people. Though for many years designers avoided this color in the interior, nowadays accessories of red color in the bedroom are more popular.

Silk Touch 3
Silk Touch 3

NCS S 2020-Y40R

Silk Touch 3

NCS S 3030-Y90R

Silk Touch 3

NCS S 4010-G10Y

Silk Touch 3



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