Green and blue colors of the wall

Reach dark blue and green colors look perfect together with a number of various combinations, There are many ways to add a blue-green palette to make it ideal for your room. Dark blue is a very popular color and it is called a safe color for decoration of the interior. Everyone knows that green is a color of life. It's a color of nature, grass and trees. That is the very reason, that the green color can bring calmness to the interior and give the owner feeling of confidence and security.

Silk Touch 3
Silk Touch 3

Matt latex interior paint

Dark blue and green colors become very popular last years and they fit perfectly with the modern design of the premise. Light green tones of accessories in decor and coating of walls are pleasant to the eyes in general and transfer the feeling of beauty and calmness. 

Silk Touch 3
Silk Touch 3

NCS S 0520-R80B

Silk Touch 3

NCS S 2020-G

Silk Touch 3

NCS S 3020-B10G

Silk Touch 3



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