ART BETON: geometry and stencils


Art Beton
Decorative coatings
Art Beton

Decorative coating with the effect of natural stone and concrete

Art Beton
Art Beton

Geometry in the interior

Art Beton

Stencils in the interior

Art Beton


Art Beton



Textured plasters. Interior in the style of "warm minimalism"

Nowadays interior fashion is developing under the influence of two basic factors. The first one is based on increasing of the demand for distant...

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Art concrete in the interior

In the epoch of industry development, together with the birth of loft style there comes a fashion trend to use concrete as a part of the interio...

Decorative stucco in the bedroom

A modern bedroom is not only a place for rest but also a room, where a person can stay alone or with favorite movies, a hobby or even work.


Decorative stucco in the interior

In spite of a great number of products for finishing coating of the walls, there is still great demand for decorative stuccos among customers. T...