Decorative stucco in the bedroom

Decorative stucco in the bedroom

A modern bedroom is not only a place for rest but also a room, where a person can stay alone or with favorite movies, a hobby or even work.

The perfect renovation and good design is the bases of quality relaxation and productive work. Depending on the variety of tastes the design can be modest, calming, relaxing or in a way of bright and inspiring. 

Art Beton

Decorative coating with the effect of natural stone and concrete


Decorative coating with a velour effect

Advantages of decorative plaster

Finishing the walls with decorative stuccos in a bedroom is one of the optimal options.

Why? Let me dwell on the advantages of such a coating:

  • Durable and wear-proof. If you follow all recommendations for the application the decorative stucco becomes resistant to mechanical load. It doesn't crack or crumble.
  • One can apply it on different surfaces: gypsum board, concrete, brick, wood and metal.
  • It masks defects on the surface and spares you time and money. Some decorative stuccos don't require special flattering of the walls before application.
  • You can embody various creative decisions.  
  • It is easy to keep clean. Unlike wallpapers, you can easily and quickly wash the surface with detergents. 
  • Costs. Affordable price and medium consumption of the stucco. 

Decorative plaster color and room dimensions

Before starting renovation, you shall understand the dimensions of the bedroom.

We recommend choosing variants in light shades for small premises with low ceilings. You can also make accents with big patterns.

For large premises light and dark shades of decorative stucco are suitable.

Though you should remember that dark colors oppress your nervous system and prevent complete relaxation and recovery of energy. You should create a warm atmosphere for relaxation. An unbeatable option is to use basic pastel tones: beige, peach, pink, blue, grey.

There are more than dozens of decorative stuccos in the market of building products. Each of them differs in content, texture, viscosity, elasticity when apply, and color filling.



Styles of interior with decorative stucco in a bedroom + pictures

The loft is a style, which demands minimal furnishing of the interior, which will be in interest for more than one year. ART BETON is Ideal for concrete imitation.

You can easily create various effects of concrete or stone and make the surface smooth and polished or very relief with individual patterns with this modern acrylic stucco.

The stone-like and concrete-like textures of walls can create a warm and cozy interior, which vividly contrasts with bright decorative elements. 

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

MARMORINO and TRAVERTINO  are ideal options of decorative stuccos for bedrooms in the Scandinavian style. The advantages of them are their artistic look, convenient use, ease to apply and practicality. the results add significant depth, chic and blur time borders in design.

Decorative stucco MARMORINO has also good exploitation properties: it ideally coats walls, ceilings, decorative details and allows restoring previously applied coating. Variability of existing techniques allows creating dimensional textures of any difficulty depending on your master skills. Mineral components, which exist in the content of MARMORINO, overlive far the life period of decor.

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

Decorative stucco Travertino allows imagining unbelievable designs in the interior combining it with other kinds of finishing and creating special patterns. There are many different methods of application, that is why your decor can resemble any glossy of matt relief surface with natural texture. Applying in the interior travertine-like stucco you receive not only stylish and original but also practical and resistant texture of walls. 

The classic option of application MARMORINO is the so-called "world map", and TRAVERTINO creates natural relief texture like shell rock, sandstone or concrete.

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

Venezian stucco was used already in Antien Rome. Masters mixed rests of marble (marble dust) with lime and added natural pigments. Those, who had lack of money for natural marble used Venezian stucco. Extra popularity this stucco achieved in Venice during Renaissance. Since then Venezian Stucco was frequently used for the decoration of interiors. 

Marble stucco (Venezian) can be used practically in all styles of the interior because it has a wide scope of features. 

Following the designers' reviews, Venezian decorative stucco can visually widen the premise due to its light shades and smooth surface with light wax shine. This type of stucco can easily imitate marble, malachite, onyx, cornelian and any other kind of stone. Those, who see Venezian stucco on the wall, which was applied correctly, often mixed it up with marble.

STUCCO VENEZIANO has good exploitation characteristics, which allow keeping its decorative features for a long time.

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

The idea to coat the walls with a soft coating comes back to Ancient China. Today decorating walls with velvet is modern again, though the way is far updated. Decorative stuccos OTTOCENTO and ARABESK visually imitate natural cloth, looking like velvet, velour and wet silk and the change of the angle of light falls significantly shifts the appearance. 

OTTOCENTO in the interior is the right decorative coating, which due to creating of quality, nice to touch and aesthetically attractive surfacing adds any premise a special coziness and charm. Decorative stucco Ottochento can be used in any classic or modern interior style.

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

ARABESK is a rather popular and universal option for interior design. It suits various styles - from exquisitely classic to modern minimalism.

You can apply the decorative coating on your own, but it's better to involve a skilled master to achieve elegant patterns.

This decorative stucco optimally combines price, quality, durability, attractive look and comfort in cleaning. 

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

Coatings DUNA and GALAXY are the most interesting and effective.

Pearly glitter and quartz sand (DUNA) or small glass beads (GALAXY) allow adding charm to any premise. Depending on the stroke manner the pattern on the wall can resemble sandy dunes, foamed waves, fluffy clouds, starry nights or pictures made by frost on the windows. This design luckily enters practically every interior, except such styles as Provence, Country, Schale and other village variants.

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні

Decorative stuccos DUNA and GALAXY complete as modern designs so sophisticated classic styles. Containing changeable components in its content, they are specially good-looking in premises full of light (in combination with pointed lights, LED stripes or panoramic windows). Breaking sunlight quartz sand and glass beads begin to glitter and make the decor unique. These decorative stuccos allow showing maximally the decorator's imagination, to create original compositions by playing with light and shadows.

Duna and Galaxy belong to the group of coatings, which are easy to apply and are significant economy not only the stucco itself but also the expense for the master's work. Applying is not difficult when you direct the straight strokes diagonally, up and down or chaotically. As a result, you receive new glitter effects and patterns. You are free to choose application techniques and tools, you may combine these products with other decorative products. 

Декоративна штукатурка в спальні
  • 03.06.2022