Decorative stucco in the interior

Decorative stucco in the interior

In spite of a great number of products for finishing coating of the walls, there is still great demand for decorative stuccos among customers. The thing is that it allows implementing any unique idea for your interior. No one can stay indifferent to that impressive decorative effect.

Even the simplest decoration of walls with decorative stuccos attracts attention and makes everyone admire the interior.

A huge option of ways how to coat the walls with decorative stuccos helps to embody any of your idea or idea, which was offered by a designer.

Decorative stuccos look great in modern interiors and also in interiors, which are designed in classic style.

Art Beton

Decorative coating with the effect of natural stone and concrete


Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl


Decorative textured stucco


Decorative coating with a velour effect

Decorative stucco in the interior of a bed room

Decorative stucco in the interior of a bedroom is a new trend in interior design. A bedroom is a place, where you feel cozy, comfortable and warm. People choose frequently tender colors for wallpaper or paint in pastel shades for the walls in the bedroom. But the more popular decorative stuccos become the more often you can see them on the walls of bedrooms. Possibly you can hesitate about this product now but we are sure that a decorative stucco helps you create a comfortable interior, where you will fill cozy and warm.

The use of decorative stucco in the bedroom makes the interior modern automatically. Various techniques of stucco application and a variety of tools help you create unique and individual designs of the interior.

Resistance to mechanic damages is a great advantage when you choose decorative stuccos for the interior of the bedroom. 

Decorative stucco in the interior of a kitchen

Decorative stucco in the interior of the kitchen is a usual thing for coating of walls. 

Walls in the kitchen often get dirty, so you shall take it into account when you choose finishing coating for them. Smooth stuccos are perfectly washable, that's why they are good for areas near the working surface. A stucco with structure is good to create an accented wall in the kitchen, which will add individuality to your interior.

A kitchen with decorative stucco is individual and modern. Decorative stucco had a long period of exploitation, so you needn't make renovations in the kitchen very often.

Decorative stucco in the interior of a living room

A living room is the most individual room in the house. There we meet guests, spend time with friends, or just drink a cup of tea covered with a blanket while watching TV. We always want it to be the best room and all guests admire the interior. A decorative stucco provides you with comfort, style, and beauty.

You can choose absolutely all kinds of decorative stuccos, no matter if they are flat or with a texture. It depends on your wishes.

A decorative stucco with a texture gives volume to the walls, and a flat one gives tenderness and elegance.

Decorative stuccos Maxima-decor

Art beton  is a stucco for those, who like Loft style. It helps to create a concrete wall, which perfectly meets the interior in a bedroom or any other room.

Marmarino  is an elegant stucco, which allows creating imitation of a marble cut (unpolished, cracked or chipped marble) or natural solid stone.

Travertino  is a stucco, which can be applied not only indoors but also outdoors. It gives an original look not only to your interior but also to the facade of your house.

Stucco veneziano  is a coating that can form a textured surface according to your choice but it is often used to create a marble-like surface, which many people like.

Ottocento is a decorative stucco, which creates an effect of satin, silk or velvet. This effect depends on the angle of light reflection and the technique of application.

Duna  is a decorative stucco, which creates sandy dunes on the wall (a real dune or the effect of a "dune").

Arabesk is a coating that can create a pearl look on your walls, which will change its shades depending on how the light falls on the surface.

Galaxy  Is the srucco, which can help you to create an impressive interior, which overcomes your imagination. 

  • 13.05.2022