Popular decorative products

Popular decorative products

Paints, wallpapers, 3D panels, tile, vintage barn boards, mosaic...

Modern manufacturers offer a great number of options for finishing ceilings and walls in living premises. All of them are peculiar in price, durability and texture of the ready coating.

Each of them has its pros and cons. Some of them are comparingly cheap but not durable. The others are better in quality but beat your wallet. The rare thing is such a quality as to be good for the price. But we have a good option, which is the very golden mean - decorative stuccos or decorative coatings. We shall dwell on the most popular in this article.


Art Beton

Decorative coating with the effect of natural stone and concrete


Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl


Decorative coating with a velour effect

Stucco veneziano

Decorative coating with the effect of marble

What is decorative plaster?

Decorative stucco is an elastic coating, intended for finishing walls, ceilings, arches, pillars and other surfaces and elements of decoration indoors and outdoors. You can choose for exterior works ART BETONE and TRAVERTINO; for interior works, it is better to use - OTTOCENTO, ARABESK, DUNA, GALAXY, STUCCO VENEZIANO,  MARMORINO, TRAVERTINO and ART BETONE.

The texture of decorative stucco is provided with fillers, the technology of application and the tools in use. This product makes the interior a unique charm and represents the modern finishing design for the surfaces in the premises. Some characteristics of a decorative stucco are close to liquid wallpapers. However, the wallpapers are less universal and have diversity only in color range. They are easy to damage when a decorative stucco is remarkable with its high hardness. Liquid wallpapers are easier to apply and remove but are worse in the sphere of implementation.

Types of decorative stuccos and coatings:

  1. Venetian stucco (STUCCO VENEZIANO);
  4. Imitating altered metal surfaces (copper, rust);
  5. Modeling masses (like MARMORINO but with smaller grain size).

All these types are divided into acrylic and calcareous.

The decorative products of Maxima decor are acrylic. It means that they contain acrylic copolymer, fillers, water, and targeted additives. ARABESK and OTTOCENTO additionally have pearly pigments, DUNA has pearly pigments and quartz sand, GALAXY has pearly pigments and glass microspheres, TRAVERTINO has milled travertine. 

What decorative plasters and coatings are most in demand?

Analyzing the demands and choice of designers, we calculate the rating of decorative stuccos and coatings in 2022.

1 place is ART BETON;
3 place is OTTOCENTO;
4 place is DUNA


ART BETONE Maxima decor is a decorative stucco with the effect of natural stone and concrete.

This modern acrylic stucco can be intended for interior and exterior works. With the help of ART BETONE we can achieve various textures: the effect of concrete, travertine stone effect, shell rock and other relief surfaces with polished glossy or matt texture. It creates a hard, weather-resistant, vapor-permeable and durable coating.  

ART BETONE has perfect adhesion to mineral surfaces and easily resists fluctuation of moisture, which is a current thing for such premises as a kitchen or a bathroom.
Quality specialists can apply decorative stucco in a special way that the surface will look like real concrete with featured texture and relief, imitating marks from casing and seams and screed texture.
The subjective opinion that concrete walls and ceilings are the attributes of gloomy basements of bunkers is wrong. ART BETONE can rival many other finishing coatings.
Finishing in a concrete-look way follows the interiors in industrial style, loft, grange and constructivism. These styles have quite a strong concept, which ART BETONE emphasizes. 

Популярні декоративні штукатурки

Brutal styles are perfect for the premises with an open design and a minimum of inner walls. Key features are untreated concrete surfaces, and a brick wall (or an imitation of it), besides they are not new but visually aged (by treating the surface with sandpaper or a sander). Do not hide communicating tubes or wiring because it emphasizes the style of the interior. 

Galvanized, glass, mirror surfaces, aged wood in furnishing, floor and walls, metal stairs and armature are reliable companions of the interior with severe industrial concepts.

Популярні декоративні штукатурки

Cold shades prevail on the base color group of such interiors.
The base colors are the whole range, that corresponds to the colors of the workshop. They are grey, white, red, beige, black, khaki, and dirty blue.
Wize lighting emphasizes restraint and the advantage of ART BETONE.
Precise information about ART BETONE in the interior can be found here ART BETONE in interior


STUCCO VENEZIANO Maxima decor is a decorative coating with a marble effect (Stucco Veneziano).
It's a modern stucco that is used for finishing treating walls and other interior surfaces in various premises. They create a hard, vapor-permeable and durable coating.
STUCCO VENEZIANO imitates natural stone as marble, malachite, lapis lazuli, onyx, and jasper. This coating is more beautiful than wallpapers because it obtains Italian charm, luxury and aesthetics.

Venetian stucco is remarkable with its unbeatable practicality as it is pleasant to touch, resists repeated wet cleaning and small mechanical impacts. 
STUCCO VENEZIANO can be applied in the premises for various purposes. But in premises with higher humidity (a kitchen, a bathroom) it also serves as a protective coating together with a beautiful pattern on the surface.
Venetian stucco requires thorough and complicated work but finally, you achieve an ideal smooth surface, which is coated with a thin layer of wax to make it looks natural. it is ideal for wide halls and premises in various styles: Classic, Barocco, Empire, and Retro.

Популярні декоративні штукатурки

Seamless technology of application makes Venetian plaster the best decoration for walls of any form and area. Decorative stucco looks attractive on the pillars and separate architectural elements of the interior (wall boards, arches, ceilings, pillars, capitals and others). Depending on the tinting, way of application and further treatment Venetian plaster allows achieving many color and artistic compositions. Besides, there are additional gloss deviations from semi-matt to high glossy. Precise information about STUCCO VENEZIANO you can find here Venetian plaster in the interior

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OTTOCENTO  Maxima decor is a decorative coating with a velvet effect, which is also called "wet silk" or "Chinese silk".
This decorative coating is intended only for interior decoration. The coating is vapor permeable and creates a visual imitation of walls covered with velvet or velour cloth.

OTTOCENTO is intended for various styles from cold metal high-tech to sophisticated and airy minimalism, from bright and rich in colors Barocco to wood-and-grass eco-style.
All these styles prefer light colors of decorative coating. The best choices for such premises are milky, beige, white and grey tones.
The basic features of minimalism are simplicity, laconic, accuracy and clear composition.
There is no place for decorative items in this style, nevertheless, textures successfully play this role, such as decorative coatings, glossy glittering surfaces, glass surfaces and partitions.

Популярні декоративні штукатурки

Minimum of details and maximum of free space are the very options, which an active modern person needs for a comfortable life.

OTTOCENTO creates warmth and coziness in combination with natural surfaces like wood, stone and velvet cloths in any interior.

No matter what is the main style of the premise, the decorative coating OTTOCENTO adds some notes of aristocracy and luxury to the interior. You should keep in mind when you form the whole complex of decorative elements.

Precise information about OTTOCENTO you will find here OTTOCENTO in the interior

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DUNA Maxima decor is a decorative coating with quartz sand and nacre.
It can be intended precisely for the interior. It creates a hard, vapor-permeable and durable coating.
DUNA is one of the most interesting and effective coatings, due to its pearly glitter and quartz sand in its content.
Consumers like this decorative coating and the reason for this love is the fact that this coating creates on walls beautiful pictures with fabulous patterns and attractive play of pearly shades. The peculiarity of this coating is that it is devoted to create a natural sandy surface.

Популярні декоративні штукатурки

Depending on the way of applying the coating can resemble sandy dunes, foamed waves, fluffy clouds and frost patterns on the window. This design is perfect for almost every interior (from minimal to classic), but avoid village options in the interior such as Provance, Country, Chalet.
It often is a part of the ethnic styles of East and South. It is perfect for the Moroccan style. The walls and ceilings coated with decorative coating DUNA make the premise noble, elegant, light and fest.
It's because the surface of the decorative coating plays well under the lighting when the sunlight or lamp light makes the surface glitter and sparkle adding the premise airy and mystic.

Популярні декоративні штукатурки
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