Venetian plaster in the interior

Venetian plaster in the interior

Venetian stucco has a "gentle" texture and provides a tender and chic look to every premise. Have you ever seen the play of colors on marble or granite surfaces? And what about noble onyx or jasper? You have to believe that such coating is much more beautiful than usual wallpapers because it contains Italian charm, luxury and aesthetics.

Venetian stucco is intended for the interior design of various styles and is remarkable by its unbeatable practicality. The coating is pleasant to touch, it can resist repeated washing and minor mechanical damage. 

The most important is to decide on the color of Stucco Veneziano and texture, which will emphasize the main style of the design.

Stucco Veneziano allows achieving many coloring and artistic compositions and gloss degrees of the surface from semi-matt to high glossy depending on the tinting, way of application, and further treatment.

Cera Lavabile

Decorative wax for venetian stucco

Stucco veneziano

Decorative coating with the effect of marble

What style does Venetian stucco help create?

The original and creative point of view in design is trendy nowadays. Admit that it is very pleasant to come back home, where you feel warm, coziness, calm and beautiful. We offer you several options of the style, which you can create with Venetian stucco:

  • classic style. By creating classic furnishing you can gain harmony in the interior and at the same time add richness and luxury. In this case, the stucco is usually applied in one color tone or with slight effects.
  • retro style. Modern technologies, which are implemented for producing Venetian stucco, allow to create of the aging style. The craquelure effect becomes the basic part of the interior.
  • Barocco and empire. Such styling decisions are perfect for people with high demands, like businessmen or politicians. Royal style is not only to create the interior of the Renaissance but understanding the harmony of separate elements and the combining decorative arts in one space.
  • when using a stucco of light shades is perfect for an office interior. Designers often imagine new styling decisions to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Venetian stucco suits any interior, where the owner can imagine it: in a living room, in a bedroom. in a baby room, in a bathroom, in a pantry. It is important to remember that dark shades of Venetian stucco are ideal for big premises. Thus it helps make the space smaller and shares the filling of coziness and warmth. The different effect is for stucco of light shades: it is better to apply in bathrooms, toilets and in kitchens. But don't choose extremely bright colors: they will negatively affect the sight and can even spoil one's mood. 

Decorative marbled plaster in the interior with a photo

STUCCO VENEZIANO is intended not only in a living room but also in a bathroom and even in a kitchen. And wax CERA LAVABILE adds the coating extra decorative effect of polished marble and provides a protective coat. The coating of Venetian stucco corresponds the most severe standards of quality and technology.

STUCCO VENEZIANO can be applied on walls, ceilings and other elements of the interior: arches, and pillars. It is not intended for the finishing of floors to make them look like marble. Here is the design of the rooms with Venetian stucco.

Finishing a hall with Venetian stucco is the best way to decorate the interior. The best choice is to use the play of colors, stitches and reflection. If the hall is not separated from a living room with walls or furniture, use one style of decoration. To diversify the interior, you can apply separate fragments of a picture on the walls of the room. The stucco will look especially effective if the whole interior looks in the only style.

Венеціанська штукатурка в інтер'єрі

Many masters advise decorating the interior of a kitchen with Venetian stucco. There are special demands for the coatings of such premises:

  • it shall not absorb moisture;
  • it shall not fade in color and lose its look after wet cleaning.

STUCCO VENEZIANO obtains precisely these traits.

Венеціанська штукатурка в інтер'єрі

The living room is traditionally the resting place for the entire family.

There are no particular restrictions for materials for a living room. Venetian stucco is intended for flats in hi-tech style and minimalism.

It looks nice in classic style if the selected stucco colors are neutral and maximally muted (classic design likes no clumsiness).

Venetian stucco in the living room looks great in combination with wood finishing and wallpapers. But you shall pay attention to the choice of furniture.

Венеціанська штукатурка в інтер'єрі

STUCCO VENEZIANO can be applied in a bedroom.

If the premise is remarkable with its spaciousness, it is possible to implement your imagination to combine various color gammas. The important thing is that everything shall look in harmony.

If the premise has a low ceiling, then it is not expedient to choose dark tones, otherwise, the room becomes visually smaller. it is better to choose light tones and neutral shades.

Венеціанська штукатурка в інтер'єрі

A bathroom is always affected by moisture: vapor, raising in the air, condenses on the walls. Venetian stucco is often used for premises with high humidity but you shall remember about hydro isolation and water-resistant stucco as a base surface for it. Quality ventilation shall be also provided in the building. 

When you apply Venetian stucco in a bathroom it is advisable to prefer smooth surfaces without a craquelure effect and relief on the surface. Dirt, dust and mould will collect in notches and recesses of the surface.

Венеціанська штукатурка в інтер'єрі

Venetian stucco looks best in the interior when it is lighted well. With the help of gypsum board and Venetian plaster STUCCO VENEZIANO you may create several levels on the ceiling, combine and mask the light source, create relief, and insert ventilation accessories, hoods and conditioners. The construction looks solid at the same time.


If you need a special interior, the best decision for finishing will be Venetian stucco. The price for the product plays here the second role. The main things are not only beauty, esthetic and water resistance but also durability. In spite of the high price, the demand for this finishing product is quite great.

Венеціанська штукатурка в інтер'єрі
  • 15.07.2022