Stucco veneziano

Stucco veneziano

STUCCO VENEZIANO is a decorative water-based coating intended to finish walls and other interior surfaces in various premises. It contains acrylic polymer, milled marble and various additives. 

When the stucco is applied in a quality way, it imitates natural stones like marble, malachite, lazurite, onyx, jasper.

The standard way of application demands to spread each coat as thin as possible, to make it even and pressed and after that, the next coat shall be applied. A many-layered "pie" of stucco makes a beautiful texture of natural stone. Seamless technology of application of Venetian stucco can decorate a wall of any form and area. 

Cera Lavabile

Decorative wax for venetian stucco

Stucco veneziano

Decorative coating with the effect of marble

How did the material come about?

The technology was invented in Ancient Rome. During building of various buildings, they used marble, which is not a very hard material. It remained much marble dust. Thrifty and smart Romans didn't waste the dust but used it for finishing works in the premises of less rich people by the way of mixing it with lime, water and natural colorants.

With the end of the Empire, people stopped using the technology and it appeared again in Venice during the Renaissance epoch. That the reason it is called now Venetian stucco or "STUCCO VENEZIANO". Venetian stucco was famous not only for its resemblance to natural stone but also durability and resistance to mould. Those characteristics were the most important for the wet climate of Venice.

When we hear "decorative stucco" the first thing that comes to our mind is Venetian stucco. And it is not an accident. Venetian stucco is durable, hard and aesthetically attractive. The stylistic universality of the coating refers to the advantages as Venetian stucco is used for interiors in classicism, art-deco and provanse.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the advantages we refer:

  • a long period of exploitation. If you follow all directions for applying the coating keeps its initial features for tens of years;
  • durability. Modern stucco contains polymeric materials, which significantly increases the resistance of the coating to domestic force majors;
  • design characteristics. The appearance of STUCCO VENEZIANO allows creating of unique designs of the premises and visually enlarges the space;
  • possibility to choose a shade of the coating with colorants;
  • homogeneous coating without joints and seams;
  • the stucco can be applied not only on a flat but also on a curved  surface;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • fragmental renovation of the coating is allowed;
  • it is easy to take care of.

To the disadvantages we refer:

  • quite a high price of the ready-to-use product;
  • high price for the services for application;
  • the technological difficulty of application. A long period of application as the process consists of many important steps;

Difficult to apply but effective Venetian stucco doesn't fail its rate as one of the leaders of decorative products for the finishing of walls and ceilings. Apply the coating strictly following all rules and full technological cycle to let the coating serve you long and enjoy you with its appearance.

Венеціанська штукатурка

The difference between Venetian plaster and other decorative plasters:

  • firstly, STUCCO VENEZIANO imitates the polished surface of natural marble and with the help of other decorative products (ARABESK, ART BETONE, DUNA, GALAXY, MARMORINO, OTTOCENTO) can create rough and patterned surfaces, which imitate natural stone, sand, velvet or silky clothes.
  • secondly, only some kinds of decorative stuccos (ART BETONE, TRACERTINO) can be used for interior and exterior works and Venetian stucco is perfect only for interior application.
  • thirdly, you need no great professional skills and experience to apply Venetian stucco, to imitate the surface of polished marble. Venetian stucco shall be applied in a great number of coats.

Application area

Venetian marble-like stucco can be used in the premises of different purposes. But it is obligatory to apply a protective coat of wax to save the beautiful picture of the pattern in wet premises.

Venetian marble-like stucco is good for private houses, cottages, flats, trade premises, offices and public buildings. It is possible to apply STUCCO VENEZIANO not only on walls and ceilings but also on arks, pillars and other interior elements. The color and pattern of the stucco shall correspond to the style of the interior. It is not intended for floor finishing. 

Венеціанська штукатурка

Application examples

There are several applying techniques, so it is possible to create an exclusive interior: from smooth classics to slightly relief pattern. A photo with Venetian stucco allows one vividly evaluates the quality of imitating valuable kinds of stones.

STUCCO VENEZIANO in the interior gives space for a designer's fantasy and can create masterpieces in combination with other coatings like wallpapers, mosaics, frescos, and natural stones.

Smooth surface

The basis of creating of the coating is to apply 2-3 coats, at the same time each next coat shall be half a tone different from the previous one. It allows achieving the effect of valuable iridescent Carrara marble.

This method refers to the most expensive and difficult. This way of application of  Venetian stucco is used in the interior of living rooms, bedrooms, working rooms, or other premises.

Венеціанська штукатурка


This way of artificial aging is achieved by the influence of jet hot air on the fresh applied STUCCO VENEZIANO. As a result, the whole surface becomes affected by cracks making a mystique beautiful pattern. This finishing looks very spectacular.

Венеціанська штукатурка

Make a slight pattern like veins on the surface with an awl or a corner of a spatula. This kind of Venetian stucco looks realistic and imitates natural stone texture.

Венеціанська штукатурка

Features of Venetian plaster

For a smooth surface of Venetian stucco, you have to obtain certain skills. The very method of applying, tools, and applying manipulations play quite an important role in the work with Venetian stucco. The direction of applying strokes, their width, and chaoticity, quantity of coats determine the unique pattern as nature creates the patterns on marble, agate or onyx. The most attractive pattern for human sight is a unique and unlimited option in colors and lines on the natural stone. 

Classic Venetian stucco can be tinted and it allows to choose the color of the future surface. It is very often used in one color for the whole surface.

Tones are achieved by applying many cross-coats on the surface. But it is allowed to use two or three shades of one color for one surface. The only thing you have to decide is the combination of future shades. You shall understand that the application of such a product (and any other decorative stucco) shall be performed continuously from corner to corner. Half-done work shall not be paused. Otherwise, you will not gain a homogeneous surface.

The color and tonal change of the pattern of the decorative stucco a-la marble becomes more saturated and expressive if you coat dry STUCCO VENEZIANO with a thin coat of special wax CERA LAVABILE. It adds the surface not only authenticity and depth of the naturally polished stone but also protects it against nature effects (moisture, light, odors, mechanical load). The prepared decorative surface shall be polished with a special trowel and polishing machine with a felt wheel. That is the way to achieve a glossy surface.

Buy decorative marbled plaster

You can buy a decorative coating with marble effect (STUCCO VENEZIANO) from us at a bargain price and delivered throughout Ukraine by any delivery service or pick it up in our brand store at the address: st. Gerasim Kondratieva, 6, Sumy, Ukraine.

It is also possible to deliver products directly to the object (terms and conditions are discussed individually and depend on how difficult the order is).

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