Silk with lurex

Decorative stucco ARABESK form a smooth coating in the interior, which resembles silk cloth or the texture of satin. Due to the fact that the product contains pearl particles and marble dust in its content, the coating creates original glittering effects on the surface. The coating can change the shades, depending on the lighting and angle of light reflection.


Priming is an obligatory step.

Treat the surface with AQUA PRIMER TM Maxima (deep penetrating primer concentrate 1:10) Apply the product with a roller or a brush.

Protect areas, which are not meant to be coated with adhesive tape and plastic film before applying of a decorative coating.

Tools: Roller/brush
Drying period: < 2 годин

Applying of the base coating

Primer Quartz Primer TM Maxima decor has a high level of adhesion to the base surface. Use a primer to facilitate the application and structuring of decorative products.

Apply adhesive primer with quartz filler QUARTZ PRIMER TM Maxima decor with a roller with a nap of 7-12 mm. Carefully spread the primer to get the smoothest possible surface.

Tools: Roller
Drying period: 24 години

Tinting of decorative stucco

Stir thoroughly the product ARABESK Maxima decor manually before application. Use pigment concentrate "FARBEX COLOR" for tinting. Due to the brightness and saturation of pigment its consumption is minimal.

We choose a pigment concentrate of grey-blue color (8ml/ 1 kg) for tinting.

Tools: a syringle, a medical spatula


Apply ARABESK Maxima decor on small areas with a metal trowel and a spatula in a chaotic way with multidirectional movements.

Leave a minimum of the product on the surface. Work along the wet edge to avoid vivid joints.

Product: Arabesk Arabesk Maxima decor
Tools: A metal trowel, a spatula

Flattering of the surface

Start flattering the surface right after application.

Depending on the direction of movement of the trowel the surface achieves light or dark shade.

Tools: A metal trowel
Drying period: 24 години

Applying of a decorative stucco: 2 coat

Apply ARABESK Maxima decor in a chaotic way taking off the trowel from the surface. 

Product: Arabesk Arabesk Maxima decor
Tools: A metal trowel, a spatula
Drying period: 15 хвилин

Flattering of the surface

Carefully flatter the surface forming desired pattern and shade of the coating.

Tools: A metal trowel, a sponge
Drying period: 24 години

  • 02.06.2022