How to apply TRAVERTINO - Lava effect

A decorative stucco TRAVERTINO becomes more popular among masters and customers day by day, as the price of the stucco is significantly lower than the price of natural stone and the simplicity of an application technique vividly shortens the renovation period. The stucco looks very realistic on the surface and resembles maximally travertine stone, shell rock, sandstone, and concrete and allows to embody the most unusual designer's experiments independent of the chosen style.


Priming is an obligatory step.

Treat the surface with AQUA PRIMER TM Maxima (deep penetrating primer concentrate 1:10) Apply the product with a roller or a brush.

Protect areas, which are not meant to be coated with adhesive tape and plastic film before applying of a decorative coating.

Tools: Roller/brush
Drying period: < 2 годин

Applying of a base coating

Primer Quartz Primer TM Maxima decor has a high level of adhesion to the base surface. Use a primer to facilitate the application and structuring of decorative products.

Apply adhesive primer with quartz filler QUARTZ PRIMER TM Maxima decor with a roller with a nap of 7-12 mm. Carefully spread the primer to get the smoothest possible surface.

Tools: Roller
Drying period: 24 години

Applying of a decorative stucco

Apply TRAVERTINO Maxima decor on the whole surface.

Tools: A metal trowel, a spatula
Drying period: 15-20 хвилин

Forming of texture

Form the desired pattern with a metal trowel and a brush. Flatter the surface.

Tools: A spatula, a brush, a metal trowel

Tinting of wax

Add pigment concentrate "FARBEX COLOR" to product CERA FRONTALE Maxima decor before application. Mix them thoroughly in a manual way. The pigment consumption will be minimal due to its bright color and saturation.

We choose pigment concentrates of beige color (10 ml / 200g of wax) for tinting.

Tools: a syringle, a medical spatula

Applying of wax

Apply CERA FRONTALE Maxima decor on the whole surface.

Tools: Metal trowel, a spatula


Add bright accents on the raised parts of the surface forming desired pattern with a decorative acrylic enamel right after applying of wax.

Tools: A brush
Drying period: 12 годин

  • 03.06.2022