OTTOCENTO is a decorative coating with a velvet effect, which creates a perfect visual imitation of walls draped with velvet or velour cloths. We would like to drop an accent to the fact that OTTOCENTO is not a paint and a plaster. This is a decorative coating, which is often called "wet silk", "reaped silk" or "Chinese silk".


Decorative coating with a velour effect

The idea to create such a soft coating for walls come from Ancient China. The walls of the imperial palaces were draped precisely with cloth full of heaven birds and beautiful flowers. It was the mark of wealth and a high position in society because only very rich people could effort such decoration.
Today the decoration of walls with velvet is trendy again but the way of decoration becomes more perfect. OTTOCENTO completely imitates natural cloth in view, It suits all modern constructive and design tendencies. Effects of OTTOCENTO, created by a specialist, adds comfort to the premise and also a prestigious and luxurious look. Besides, it will be a signal that the inhabitants have a good taste. A wall, decorated with OTTOCENTO will have pearly glitter, as it reflects light at various angles.


Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of OTTOCENTO as a finishing product for walls:

  • Universal: you can apply it on walls, ceilings and even on things of the interior.
  • Absence of an unpleasant odor during applicating and the product doesn't emit toxic substances after drying
  •  Durability. It will serve more than 10 years without changing its initial appearance.
  • Wide color range
  • Little application rate
  • Vapor-permeability
  • Exclusivity and attractive look of the final coating. Every master applies it in an individual way and repeating its style is quite difficult. Besides depending on the tool, which is used, various effects are achieved.
  • The price of the product. Decorative coating OTTOCENTO costs almost as quality wallpapers.

Disadvantages of the coating:

  • The surface for this product shall be prepared in a perfect way.
  • The product demands a professional applying and you'd better ask for the master's help.
  • It doesn't intend for the areas with advanced exploitation loading and high humidity.

Application area

Decorative coating OTTOCENTO is good for modern and classic interiors like Barocco, Rokoko, Empire. Its velvet surface, which resembles silk or velvet very much, is achieved due to the change of reflective angle when the surface is lit by any kind of source. OTTOCENTO has a sparkling pearly shine with particles of silver and gold granules.
According to its physical and chemical properties, OTTOCENTO is a vapor-permeable and durable decorative product. The working process doesn't require the implementation of special safety gear but only clothes against contamination. 
Decorative coating is intended for the interior finishing of premises with moderate humidity. It suits the best working rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, baby rooms and corridors.



This kind of coating is good for finishing of walls, ceilings, pillars in the rooms and bedrooms of private houses, cottages, flats, some premises in offices and working studios. Visual effects of decorative coating OTTOCENTO suit all kinds of interiors, styling as modernity and past ages. Depending on the chosen style and color, you can achieve visualization of various surfaces in character, from soft cloth to metallic variants with a pearly shine. A designer finds color corresponding to each style with the general interior of the premise. There is no standard technique of applying for OTTOCENTO. The specialist can create unique patterns, which you'll never find again. 
After drying, decorative coating OTTOCENTO  can be cleaned with a wet sponge effectively removing all contamination. It is forbidden to use abrasive treatments or those, which contained chloric dilutants.


OTTOCENTO application technique

Prepare the walls for OTTOCENTO in the same way as for coating with paint. The reason is that the layer of OTTOCENTO is very thin and the smallest defects can be seen. It is necessary to clean the surface from old coatings, cover the cracks, remove protrusions from the surface and make it smooth. 
Undercoat the surface with the deep penetrating primer (primer concentrate 1:10 TM "Maxima"). After drying (less than 2 hours) apply the base coat to receive a deep picture and interesting pattern. Use for this purpose special undercoating paint. It is also possible to use paint-primer for decorative coatings (Quartz Primer TM Maxima), latex or acrylic paint ("Silk Touch 3" TM Maxima). It is tinted one or two tones from the final color of the coating or leave it white. Use a velour roller for this purpose. 
In 1-2 hours, when the undercoating paint dries, you can start applying OTTOCENTO. Decorative coating is tinted with pigment concentrates. 
Spread OTTOCENTO  with a metal trowel or spatula on the treated surface with an equally thin layer. If the area is large, you shall work with areas of 1-2 sq/ meters leaving ragged edges. Start working with the next area before the decorative coating gets dry, so the borderlines become invisible.
24 hours after the first coat is completely dry, start applying the second coat.
You can use different techniques applying the second coat of decorative coating to receive various effects.

Apply OTTOCENTO with a steel trowel of medium size. Make large strokes changing the movement directions of the trowel.


Apply OTTOCENTO with a steel trowel of medium size on the whole surface. Form the "eight"-like patterns with a plastic or metal trowel on the wet coating.


Silky threads

Silky threads is a technique for OTTOCENTO application, which forms a relief coat with long and thin lines along the whole surface.
You will need for this work a brush for decoration or a brush with hard hair.



Apply OTTOCENTO with strokes directed vertically or diagonally. Use a metal trowel for this purpose. The application shall be done till the complete covering of the surface and the necessary result: achieving of the desired effect with a set direction of the pattern.



OTTOCENTO is easy to tint and to add a necessary tone and color. We recommend coloring OTTOCENTO manually with pigment concentrate "Farbex Color". You can do it locally. It is necessary to mix the decorative coating with a pigment concentrate thoroughly till it becomes a homogeneous substance. The more coloring concentrate you add to OTTOCENTO, the richer becomes the color, though, we recommend adding pigment concentrate less than 10% of the net weight of the product, so OTTOCENTO doesn't lose its properties.
To avoid differences in shades of color it is recommended to use the product of one batch. If you use the product of different batches, it is necessary to mix them together.
Insignificant deviations in technical data for the product are available after coloring.
We recommend using original catalogs of color samples with OTTOCENTO Maxima-decor or asking for trial samples. You can get acquainted with the basic colors here. The catalog contains various tints and colors, depending on the quantity of a pigment concentrate added to OTTOCENTO. 


You can buy OTTOCENTO (decorative coating with a velvet effect) for an optimal price all over Ukraine with various delivery companies or pick it up from our brand store in Sumy, Herasima Kondratieva str., 6, Ukraine. 
Depending on the volume of the order, it is possible to organize free-of-charge delivery directly to the site.

  • 28.07.2022