Decorative plasters with mother-of-pearl effect

Decorative plasters with mother-of-pearl effect

Nacre is caroled through the centuries by poets, painted by artists, liked by craftsmen and adored by elegant women. In Ancient Rome nacre was decided a symbol of power and wisdom. People believed that it brought happiness. That is why it was actively used not only to make jewelry but for finishing and decorating houses. 

 Time passes but nacre gloss and soft play on horizontal and vertical surfaces looks noble in modern interiors also and allows visually enlarge the space. 


Decorative coating with a sparkle effect


Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl


Decorative coating with pearl and glass microspheres


Decorative coating with a velour effect

From the whole group of decorative plasters and coatings Maxima decor, the pearly effect is owned by:

  • OTTOCENTO -  decorative coating with velvet effect;
  • ARABESK - decorative coating with sparking effect;
  • DUNA - decorative coating with quartz sand and nacre;
  • GALAXY - decorative coating with nacre and glass microsphere.
Декоративні штукатурки з перламутровим ефектом


  • universality: it can be applied on walls, ceilings and even on some items of the interior;
  • it has no unpleasant odor during the process of application and doesn't emit toxic substances after drying;
  • durability and long-time attractiveness of the surface. Such a renovation erases thoughts about the new design of the premises for at least 10 years;
  • wide color offer. Decorative coatings are easily tinted;
  • small consumption;
  • vapor permeability;
  • exclusivity and practical look of the finished coating. Every skilled specialist applies it in his own way, so the style is difficult to copy. Various effects on the coating also depend on the tools used;
  • seamless technology;
  • it looks perfect playing light and shades.


  • the surface shall be perfectly prepared;
  • only skilled masters can apply it well, so you have to refer this work to the craftsman;
  • it doesn't suit the areas with advanced exploitation load or the premises with high humidity.

Sphere of application for decorative coatings with a pearly effect

Decorative coatings with a pearly effect remain popular and are used in various design projects for many years. The reason for the choice is the result of the application of plaster when a beautiful picture is created on the surface by unique patterns and play of nacre particles. 

Decorative coatings with a pearly effect Maxima decor are intended for decoration of the surfaces precisely indoors. A pearly effect provides a unique depth, expressiveness, charm and solidity for every interior. OTTOCENRTO, ARABESK, DUNA and GALAXY suit well for the decorating of a bedroom, a living room. an office or other premises without high humidity. According to their physical and chemical properties OTTOCENTO, ARABESK, DUNA and GALAXY are vapor permeable and durable decorative products. 

Decorative coating with a pearly effect can be used in the interior in various ways:

  • application on the whole surface of the walls, ceilings and pillars. Due to the light tones of the coatings with a pearly effect, every room looks more spacious. The coating of dark and bright tones helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the premises with large areas;
  • creation of color accents. Decorative coatings with a pearly effect can be applied only on one wall or its parts. The result will depend on the chosen tone and the quantity of daylight or artificial lights.

So, what is the peculiarity of the coatings with a pearly effect Maxima decor? Let's tell you about each of them in detail.


OTTOCENTO is a decorative coating with a velvet effect.

This decorative coating creates a visual imitation of the walls coated with velvet or velour cloths. The effect is reached due to the change of reflection angle of any kind of lighting.

Decorative coating OTTOCENTO suits well to modern (metal hi-tech, fine airy minimalism, wood-and-grass eco style) as well as classic interior.

In creating a modern interior it is better to focus on light tones for tinting of decorative coating. The ideal colors for it are milky, beige, white and grey tones. 

In combination with natural surfaces are wood, stone, velvet cloths OTTOCENTO creates warmth and coziness in every interior.

No matter what style of interior you choose, you have to remember that decorative coating OTTOCENTO adds the interior vibes of aristocracy and luxury. That's why you have to organize the whole complex of decorative elements following this idea. 

Декоративні штукатурки з перламутровим ефектом

ARABESK is a decorative coating with a sparkling effect.

ARABESK suits all progressive designer trends. Its effects make a premise comfortable and prestigious appearance and signal that the owners have a delicate taste.

The effect of wet wrinkled silk, which is possible to create with decorative coating ARABESK is quite a popular and universal option for interior design. It looks well in various styles - from refined classic to minimal modern. 

Many people like this decorative coating because the fact is that applied on the wall decorative coating creates a beautiful picture with interesting decorative patterns and a kicking play of pearly tones. 

Декоративні штукатурки з перламутровим ефектом

DUNA is a decorative coating with quartz sand and nacre. 

The name "Sandy Dunes" is deserved by the product for its impressive imitation of barkhans and passes of southern deserts, emphasizing sandy patterns, which seem to be created by wind blowing in a natural way.

Besides its comfortable applying on the walls, the coating can be applied on the ceiling or other surfaces. Finished decorative coating sparkles under the tiniest touch of light from the sun or a lamp. If the source of light is not on the walls but on the ceiling, the coating looks much more spectacular and dazzling.

Such a design luckily combines almost all kinds of interior (from minimalistic to classic), besides such styles as Provence, Country, Shaley and other countryside variants. It is often used in ethno-styles: eastern and southern. It perfectly suits the Marocco style.

Декоративні штукатурки з перламутровим ефектом

GALAXY Maxima decor

GALAXY is a decorative coating with nacre and glass microspheres.

Depending on the way of application you can create patterns that look like foamed waves, fluffy clouds or patterns on a window glass on a frosty day.

Decorative coating suit various premises: for a cozy bedroom, a chic billiard room or a stylish cabinet. Its unique appearance decorates every interior, independently of the style in the space.
You may use GALAXY for the decoration of all walls in the room and also for its separate elements, like niches, arches or pillars, to set the accents in a correct way. The appearance of the decorative coating catches the eyes and raises a natural excitement.
Special texture with uneven surface makes you think, that these patterns have been thoroughly made by a professional for several months.

Декоративні штукатурки з перламутровим ефектом

Where to buy decorative coatings with pearly effect

You can buy OTTOCENTO, ARABESK, DUNA and GALAXY all over the territory of Ukraine (Kiyv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa and others) with various delivery services or pick up the products by your own from our brand shop in Sumy, Herasima Kondratiiva str. 6.

We can deliver the products free of charge directly to the site (conditions are discussed individually depending on the difficulty of the order).

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