Decorative plaster TRAVERTINO

Decorative plaster TRAVERTINO

TRAVERTINO is a facade plaster with the effect of natural stone, which is intended for finishing walls and other surfaces indoors and outdoors. It contains acrylic copolymer, milled travertine, extenders and various targeted additives.
There are many various methods to apply TRAVERTINO, which is why your decor can imitate any relief glossy or matt natural texture: stone, travertine, shell rock, concrete, or sandstone.


Decorative wax for textured stuccos

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Facade stucco with natural stone effect

The history of the appearance of decorative plaster under the stone

Since ancient times mankind used stone for building and decoration. Stone houses look reliable and eternal. Ancient Etruscans had already used stone-like plaster for their houses. Later Romans used the plaster with stone powder and tiny crumbs in its content on a large territory of their Empire. Ancient Florentines manufactured travertine plaster for sgraffito. Travertine was used for finishing and building almost as often as marble. Well-known Coliseum was built with travertine from the Sabian mountains. You can find the stone from white to brown colors in nature. Usually, the stone is of light colors and rarely yellowish, red, green and grey.
Travertine is more porous than stiff calcareous rock and that is the main feature that is imitated to copy this kind of rock. Not long people invented TRAVERTINO plaster to succeed in imitating natural stone.

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

Advantages and disadvantages of TRAVERTINO

The advantages of decorative stucco are the following:

  • esthetic attractivenessь;
  • good adhesion;
  • the hardness of the finished coating;
  • vapor-permeability;
  • it hides small defects of the surface;
  • weather resistance;
  • wide sphere of use;
  • long exploitation period;
  • can be tinted in various colors by adding some pigments to TRAVERTINO or wax;
  • the coating has no seams and joints.

The disadvantages of decorative stucco are the following:

  • the coating is quite expensive. The plaster TRAVERTINO and the protective wax;
  • expensive applicating works.

Scope of decorative plaster under travertine

TRAVERTINO is successfully used for facade and interior works. Decorative plaster identically imitates the stone. The appearance of ready plaster is various in color and texture. It can be polished, matt or textured.
TRAVERTINO is universal. It doesn't change its properties after temperature fluctuation or high humidity. Decorative stucco can be used for exterior works, facade finishes, pillars, frises, and areas near the swimming pools without hesitation. TRAVERTINO doesn't spoil its appearance but becomes noble and aged. All these emphasize its durability.
This type of decorative plaster is resistant to high exploitation loading so it can be used in public places (offices, hotels, theaters and concert halls, museums, stores, restaurants, cellars and alike).

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

Decorative plaster suits every kind of room if interior finishing: a hall, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a baby room or a bathroom. Variability of textures gives the ability to use TRAVERTINO practically in all interior styles (from classic to modern), creating decorative coating without seams and joints. 
Travertine-like decorative plaster requires the absence of odd decoration because it decorated the interior due to its unique nature and nobility.
The combination of light tints of the plaster with elements of the decor of dark granite adds the building texture and makes simple forms more elegant and sophisticated. It is wise to combine TRAVERTINO with natural wood to emphasize the effect of joining with nature. This designer's way makes the interior ambitious and unique.

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

How to apply textured decorative plaster TRAVERTINO. Examples with photos

There are two main methods of application: complete and partial. A complete method of finishing means forming of even coat, which is decorated after the coating is getting a little dry. Partial application means a combination of areas coated with the plaster and uncoated surface of the wall. There are other techniques, which are sub-methods of complete and partial applications. Technological processes of various finishing methods for walls are slightly different. Now we will dwell on this precisely.

1. A complete application

This technique of application of decorative coating means application on the whole surface. Flatter the coat of TRAVERTINO and then form a pattern with a stiff brush to imitate the porous structure of a sliced natural stone. After partial drying, when the coating sticks to the surface, sleek the coat with a trowel.

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

2. A partial application

Firstly apply and let dry a single coat of TRAVERTINO. Start applying a decorative plaster In 24 hours but not on the whole surface but on separate areas with the "to touch" method. After partial drying of the surface sleek the coating with a trowel. If there are some small defects on the surface you can polish them with sandpaper or a polisher. 

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

3. Horizontal/vertical patterns

Apply a decorative plaster TRAVERTINO on the whole surface, sleek it and make scratches with a metal trowel or a spatula.
When the surface is partially dry, make the area with scratches tough with a metal trowel. Then sleek the plaster till the surface becomes smooth. Do not use sandpaper. Remaining on the surface particles shall be removed with a brush.

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

4. Creation of masonry. There are 3 options:

  • use the template for masonry.
  • scratching the lines with a chisel or with an edge of a trowel.
  • You may stick the stripes of scotch, applying it vertically and horizontally. Remove the stripes after the decorative plaster is applied.

Thus you will have a pattern on the wall, which copies a masonry.

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

5. «Ragged»

Use the following technique to create the pattern: the coats of plaster of different shades are applied in a chaotic way. And flatten the final coat with a trowel. This technique of application of decorative plaster TRAVERTINO allows receiving a unique picture. Using this technique makes possible the creation of an original textured base coating.

Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

6. Multicolored technique. There are 2 options:

  • we offer to separate the surface for areas. At the same time, you shall point out light and darker areas, make artificial aging of the surface and add vivid gloss. Such finishing of walls is considered to be difficult and can be done only by experienced craftsmen. As a result, you receive multicolored travertine, which shows a light coloring contrast. It looks unbelievable.
  • apply decorative plaster with the desired pattern. Add various shades to the texture with colored wax.  
Декоративна штукатурка TRAVERTINO

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