Aqua Primer

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Aqua Primer Maxima 1 L

Concentrated primer 1:10


It increases the adhesion of construction products to the base surfaces. It penetrates deeply and hardens the surface. It lessens the consumption of paint products and increases the life period of finishing coating. It lessens the absorption of water of the base surface. 

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Сomposition :

Acrylic dispersion, additives, water.

Color :


Technical data
Consumption standard of 1 layer :

100-150 g/m2

Thinner :


Application :

It is applied with a roller, a brush or a spraying gun.

Drying period (23 °С, 50% RH) :

< 2 hours

Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) :

about. 28 %

Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) :

about 1,02 g/сm3

Warranty period :

24 months from the date of manufacturing
(at the temperature from +5 °С till +35 °С)

Packaging :

1 L

Application instruction
Surface preparation

The surface shall be cleaned from loose coats, dust, oil, grease and other dirt. It is recommended to treat the surface with antiseptic for mineral surfaces TM "Farbex" for protection against mould and fungi. 


it is necessary to prepare the solution before use. Fill some fresh water in a clean container and add concentrated primer and stir thoroughly for 2 minutes. Depending on the type of the surface, the ratio of water and concentrated primer shall correspond the table:



Consumption of concentrated primer

Without dilution




If the surface is extremely fragile, which peel off.

20-30 g/m2


Very fragile, porous and well absorbing surfaces: gas concrete, foam concrete and alike.

15-20 g/m²


The surfaces with medium absorbing ability: plasters, gypsum board, woodchip boars, MDF and alike.

12-15 g/m²


The surfaces with poor absorbing ability: stone, concrete, brick and alike.

10-12 g/m²

Sphere of application

It is intended for advancing adhesion to different mineral surfaces. It levels the absorbing ability before performing finishing and coating works. Ir can be applied before glueing of wallpaper, tile, parquet, flooring indoors and outdoors.