Foamed waves

Decorative stucco Galaxy adds peculiarity to a modern design as well as to a classic one. Due to the iridescent light of glass microspheres and pearl particles, which the product contains in its content, Galaxy looks especially profitable in premises full of lighters (spot lighters, LED tape or panoramic windows). Breaking the light the microspheres of glass create glittering shade, which makes the decor of a premise unique. This decorative stucco allows to show the creativity of a decorative maximally and creates original compositions with the help of light and shadow play.


Priming is an obligatory step.

Treat the surface with AQUA PRIMER TM Maxima (deep penetrating primer concentrate 1:10) Apply the product with a roller or a brush.

Protect areas, which are not meant to be coated with adhesive tape and plastic film before applying of a decorative coating.

Tools: Roller/brush
Drying period: < 2 годин

Application of a base coating

Silk Touch 3 Maxima, tinted to Color RAL 7204.

Latex paint with silky effect. It obtains a high level of adhesion and easily spread on the surface providing small consumption and high coverage level at the same time. It effectively covers microcracks on the coated surface. It is easy to apply, doesn't run and splash during the process of coating.

Apply the paint with a roller with a nap of 7-12 mm.

Tools: Roller
Drying period: 1 година

Applying of a decorative stucco

Apply GALAXY Maxima decor with a brush with a short nap in diagonal moves.

Product: Galaxy Galaxy Maxima decor
Tools: A brush with a short nap

Pattern structuring

Form pattern with a brush with a short artificial nap 3-5 minutes after applying the stucco on the surface.

Tools: A brush with a short nap
Drying period: 24 години

  • 01.06.2022